A Joyful Noise & Hold The Mustard - Red Star Line (CD)

A Joyful Noise & Hold The Mustard - Red Star Line


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  • EAN: JM 1
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English Country Dances by Philippe Callens. It is an international country dance project. The recordings repesents a collaboration between Philippe Callens , A Belgian dance leader and choreographer, and A Joyful noice and Hold The Mustard, two bands from the United States.

Dance descriptions ...see the following books: Belgian Boutades (Philippe Callens) and Continental Capers (Philippe Callens).


  1. Arlington Assembly
  2. The Astonished Archeologist
  3. The Two Pauls
  4. Patrick's Waltz
  5. Excuse Me
  6. Enfield Common
  7. Gentleman's Delight
  8. Return to Newcastle
  9. A Trip to Amsterdam
  10. The Delight of Kentish Countryside
  11. Hortonia
  12. La Gavre
  13. Volpony
  14. Gold For The Mahieus
  15. An Early Frost

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