Philippe Callens - Antwerp Antics (Dance book)

Philippe Callens - Antwerp Antics

Dance book

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Antwerp Antics is the title of a new collection of English country dances by Philippe Callens. The new book includes sixteen dances. Eight of them are Philippe's reconstructions of country dances published in London during the first half of the 18th century (Walsh, Young, ...). The other eight dances are newly written dances by Philippe, four to old tunes and four to modern tunes. Included with the dance notations is the chorded sheet music for each dance. There is also an index for all 48 dances in Continental Capers (1999), Belgian Boutades (2002) and Antwerp Antics.

2004, 40 pgs.

Includes these next dances:
Alice - Autumn in Amherst - Bournemouth Waves - Buskin - Captain Corbet's Maggot - Come Brave Boys - Love's Triumph - Recruiting Officer - Renewed Friendship - Rich Delights - Rinaldo - The Seventh of September - St. Catherine - A Trip to Lille - Trip to Virginia - Westward Bound.

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