Philippe Callens - Continental Capers (Dance book)

Philippe Callens - Continental Capers (Dance book)

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New collection of English country dances ..., Philippe Callens. In March, the AADS published a collection of 16 English country dances by Philippe Callens. Continental Capers includes 13 thirteen newly written dances by Philippe, plus three of his interpretations of older dances. For each dance the sheet music for the set tune edited by Mik Lammers is included.

The Astonished Archaeologist - Bep's Favourite - C&N - Christmas at Zeist - he Delight of Kentish Countryside - Enfield Common - Fête Champêtre - The First of October - Gold for the Mahieus - The Mortsel Circle - Patrick's Waltz - Return to Newcastle - Skipping Det - Sleeping in the Attic - A Trip to Amsterdam - Wolverton Hall.

1999, 40 pgs.

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