Phlippe Callens - Seasons of Invention (Dance book)

Phlippe Callens - Seasons of Invention

  • N°: 181621519917
  • EAN: B 889B
€ 8,00 (VAT incl.)

Phlippe Callens released a fourth collection of English country dances. This booklet contains the complete instructions, contextual inforamtion and the music for the dances of the CD of the same name.


Autumn in Amherst Autumn in Amherst The Busie Body Manage the Miser The Marple Bridge Rose The Merry Musicologist Mr. Stapledon’s New Hornpipe The New Attic Noisette The Pharmacist’s Pleasure Simone’s Semicentury Somerset Square Spring in Sebastopol Summer in Morland Winter in Brasstown A Trip to Blenheim 

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