Ashley Hutchings and ... - Morris On The Road (CD)


  • N°: 275804df9199fb
  • EAN: TECD 083
€ 10,00 (VAT incl.)
ISO € 19,00

Morris On the Road is a traditional morris album performed and recorded live on the road by The Morris On Band. They perform and record tracks from the classic Morris On series and are recognized as the premier side for performing the Morris On material.


  1. Shepherds Hey/Orange in Bloom
  2. Princess Royal
  3. I'll Go and 'List for a Sailor
  4. Willow Tree/Beansetting/Shooting
  5. Gloucestershire Hornpipe/Mr. Trill's Song
  6. Saturday Night/Bobbing Joan/Beaux Badby
  7. Nutting Girl(Song and Tune)
  8. May Song
  9. Roasted Woman/Under the Old Myrtle Tree/Morning Star/Billy Boy/Banks of the Dee
  10. Highland Mary
  11. Sweet Jenny Jones
  12. Cuckoos Nest
  13. Pint Pots Dance
  14. Four Up
  15. Shepherds Hey/Orange in Bloom/The Quaker(Reprise)

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