Ashley Hutchings and ... -  Great Grandson Of Morris On (CD)


  • N°: 276258369a698b
  • EAN: FLED 062
€ 10,00 (VAT incl.)
ISO € 19,00

The fourth in the series , includes a set from the impressive Spiers & Boden , and is led as usual by Ashley Hutchings and other Albion stalwarts. It mainly features May day rituals and Cotswold Morris , with accompanying dancing by Dog Rose Morris and others.


  1. At the May Day Celebtrations
  2. Swaggering Boney
  3. Banbury Hill/Shepherds Hey
  4. Westminster Morris Reel
  5. London Pride
  6. Now Mind You This
  7. Highland Mary
  8. The Field and the Farm
  9. The Devil's Details/The Low Down
  10. Comes the Morris Dancer in
  11. Bonny Green Garters
  12. Every Year When the Wakes Come Along
  13. First Day at T'Mill
  14. The Godley Hill Set
  15. Happy the Age
  16. The Rose
  17. Jack-in-the-Green on Saturday Night
  18. Under the Old Myrtle Tree/Morning Star/Billy Boy/Banks of the Dee
  19. Washing Day

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