Captain Cook's Country Dances (Book)

Captain Cook's Country Dances


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A book of 19 dances associated with voyages to the Pacific in the 18th Century and life in the early Australian colony. The book contains instructions for each of the 19 dances set to these tunes as well as sheet music and a brief history of each. All have some association with James Cook and other explorers in the Pacific or with the history of the Australian Colony. The material is based upon original research carried out by dance historian Dr. Heather Blasdale Clarke.

Dances included:

Boscawen’s Frolick , Botany Bay , Captain Brisbane’s Frolic , Captain Cook’s Country Dance , Dampier Dance in the Forty Thieves , Irish Trot , Melbourne Waltz , Mile End Assembly , Nancy Dawson , Omai , Phillip’s Dog , Port Jackson , Salamanca Castanets , Silly Old Man, South Seas , The Recruiting Officer , Transit of Venus,  Trip to Ottahite

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