Captain Cook's Country Dances (CD)

Captain Cook's Country Dances


  • N°: 224547237366
  • EAN: HBC 2020
€ 21,00 (VAT incl.)

A CD of 19 dances associated with voyages to the Pacific in the 18th Century and life in the early Australian colony.

The CD is recorded by collaboration between Phillip’s Dog (Isabel Clarke, Roland Clarke; QLD) and The Whoots (Shira Kammen, Jim Oakden, Charlie Hancock; California). Shira and Jim toured Australia as part of Roguery in 2019 and appeared at the National Folk Festival.

All tracks are suitable for use at any social dance event, though many people will want to buy the CD simply for the pleasure of listening to these delightful tunes.

Track list:

  1. Boscawen’s Frolick
  2. Botany Bay
  3. Captain Brisbane’s Frolic
  4. Captain Cook’s Country Dance
  5. Dampier
  6. Dance in the Forty Thieves
  7. Irish Trot
  8. Melbourne Waltz
  9. Mile End Assembly
  10. Nancy Dawson
  11. Omai
  12. Phillip’s Dog
  13. Port Jackson
  14. Salamanca Castanets
  15. Silly Old Man
  16. South Seas
  17. The Recruiting Officer
  18. Transit of Venus
  19. Trip to Ottahite

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