Joseph Pimentel - The Green Jay Collection

Dance book

  • N°: 204106515585
  • EAN: B 8310
€ 13,00 (VAT incl.)

Newly composed English country and American contra dances with accompanying tunes.

The Green Jay Collection contains 14 brand new English country dances and two contra dances, complete with tunes and notation. The book also includes teaching notes for each of the dances, as well as an index to all three volumes.

Dances included:
Catherine's Calling - Double Chocolate for Renee - Earh Adored - From Wandsworth - Halcyon Days - In the Presence of Monarchs - Jackson Fine - Joyful Jane - Lews Setting Switches - Madam Fifer's Inaguration - Reeds and Strings - Set for Spring - Trip to Totality - Vanga Land - The Waters of Malvern - Welcome Home

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