Joseph Pimentel - The Goldcrest Collection (Dance book)

Dance book

  • N°: 181683688766
€ 16,00 (VAT incl.)

The companion book to The Goldcrest Collection CD, with instructions for twelve English country dances including "The Treasure of the Big Woods, " "Mr. Millstone's Inauguration," and "Mile of Smiles, " as well as eight American contra dances including "Hotpoint Special" and "Changeling Intuition."


Appin's Dance A Balanced Tern Beautyberry Turlough O'Carolan Blackbird Pie Daron Douglas Bluebonnets Changeling Intuition Dave Wiesler Come with Voices Singing Dance of a Lifetime The Farmer's Joy A Health to All Good Dancers Hotpoint Special Mile of Smiles Mr. Hamilton's Inauguration Mr. Legge's Initiation Mr. Millstone's Inauguration Peace and Joy Ramsay Chase Sasna's Swing The Treasure of the Big Woods Westaire Court Whip-poor-will

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