Garry Roodman - New Friends (Booklet)

Garry Roodman - New Friends

Dance Book

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  • EAN: B 664
€ 11,50 (VAT incl.)

A selection of dances from Gary Roodman's Calculated Figures. Dance instructions to accompagny the CD of the same name.

2004, 38 pgs.


Accord for Pinewoods (Three-couple longways) - Birthday Greetings (Longways duple minor) - Dancing Wife (Longways duple minor) - Designing Woman (Longways duple minor) - Double Duet (Longways duple minor/improper) - Dovetail (Four-couple longways) - Emma Turns Three (Sicilian circle for trios) - Henry's Hornpipe (Longways duple minor) - Horseplay Longways (duple minor/i mproper) - Kneeland Romp (Three-couple longways) - Mary K (Longways duple minor/improper) - New Friends (Longways duple minor) - Peter and Peggy (Longways duple minor) - Stockport Assembly (Longways duple minor) - Terpsicourante (Four-couple longways) - Turning By Threes (Three-couple circle)

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