MGM - New Friends (CD)

MGM - New Friends


  • N°: 449f8a79f1433
  • EAN: MGM 003
€ 18,00 (VAT incl.)

Playing in a variety of combinations, the musicians create all kinds of moods, styles, and flavors.On some cuts, you can just see them frolicking; on others, you can visualize a serious chamber ensemble blending its sounds beautifully.All the tunes are played at dance length and tempo. Susan Murrow's liner notes give lots of detail about each dance – formation, music sources, key and time signatures, number of times through, overall time, and starting time for the first B music. 


  1. Accord for Pinewoods (Three-couple longways)
  2. Birthday Greetings (Longways duple minor)
  3. Dancing Wife (Longways duple minor)
  4. Designing Woman (Longways duple minor)
  5. Double Duet (Longways duple minor/improper)
  6. Dovetail (Four-couple longways)
  7. Emma Turns Three (Sicilian circle for trios)
  8. Henry's Hornpipe (Longways duple minor)
  9. Horseplay Longways (duple minor/i mproper)
  10. Kneeland Romp (Three-couple longways)
  11. Mary K (Longways duple minor/improper)
  12. New Friends (Longways duple minor)
  13. Peter and Peggy (Longways duple minor)
  14. Stockport Assembly (Longways duple minor)
  15. Terpsicourante (Four-couple longways)
  16. Turning By Threes (Three-couple circle)

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