The Pemberley Players - Pride & Prejudice Volume IV (CD)

The Pemberley Players - Pride & Prejudice Volume IV


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In the Fourth Volume in the Pride and Prejudice Collection we have brought together a selection of beautiful tunes and dances from 18th and 19th Century, the majority being from the period 1790 to 1815.

One of our dance Interpreters, Reg Battle, was lucky enough to be given a hitherto un-interpreted book of dances published in 1815; and we have included three of those dances. We are pleased to introduce to you a new dance Interpreter, Peter Hoffmann from Germany, who brings us dances from collections published during the period of Jane Austen’s working life.

As in the previous Volumes, David Fleming-Williams has mostly used the tunes as they were originally printed for each dance, arranging them in a style which is just as easy to listen to as dance. In the same manner, Reg Battle and Peter Hoffmann have re-interpreted some of the dances, trying to get back more closely to ‘how it might have been’, bearing in mind the expectations of today's dancers.

You can listen to the music on the CD but also, if you have a computer, you can access both the Dance Notations and the Music Notations.


  1. The Duke of York’s Cottillion
  2. The Fandango
  3. A Fig for Bonaparte
  4. Go to the Devil and Shake Yourself
  5. Greensleeves (Les Manches Vertes)
  6. Jump Frogs Jump
  7. Lady Caroline Bertie
  8. The Militia
  9. Miss Farrens Whim
  10. Mrs Stewarts Reel
  11. The New German Waltz
  12. Orange and Blue
  13. The Prince Regent
  14. Prince William of Glos’ter’s Waltz
  15. The Toy
  16. We will down with the French
  17. Whaland’s Fancy
  18. The Whim of the Moment

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