The Pemberley Players - Pride & Prejudice Volume I (CD)


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The Pemberley Players are a group of musicians with particular experience of playing music published in the 17th & 18th centuries who have been brought together by David Fleming-Williams. They are: Stephen Fellowes (Flute), David Fleming-Williams (Violin), Jeanne Mann (Violin), Jonathan Cohen (Piano), Isobel Walsby (Cello). The dances in this collection have been chosen from two periods in the history of English Country Dance. In the last of the 17th century John and Henry Playford owned a 'shop in the Inner Temple neere the Church doore' from where they published many editions of 'The Dancing Master'. The first edition in 1650 contained 105 country dances and the final 1728 edition, published well after John's death, contained 358! During the late 18th century the publishers Charles and Samuel Thompson of St. Paul's Churchyard issued every year a collection of twenty four dances 'as they are performed at Court, Bath and all Publick Assemblys. This brand new recording draw's it's inspiration from the "New Country Dances" integral to the social life of the Regency Period, so successfully popularised by the recent television and film versions of the novels of Jane Austen.


  1. The Comical Fellow (Thompson 1776)
  2. The Touchstone (Thompson 1773)
  3. The First of April (Thompson)
  4. The Indian Queen (Playford 1650)
  5. Chestnut (Playford 1701)
  6. Sprigs of Laurel (Cahusac 1790)
  7. Jack's Maggot (Playford 1703)
  8. Sellengers Round (Playford 1670)
  9. The Pleasures of the Town (Thompson 1777)
  10. Upon a Summers Day (Playford 1650)
  11. Childgrove (Playford 1701)
  12. Hit and Miss (Playford 1650)
  13. The Duke of Kent's Waltz (Unnamed Collection 1802)
  14. Grimstock (Playford 1652)
  15. Never Love Thee More (Playford 1686)

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