The Dancehall Players - Unexpected Dances: A Collaboration With Trevor Monson


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  • EAN: TDPCD 20
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In the fall of 2018, UK caller Trevor Monson was invited to lead the Hands Across the Water English country dance weekend held in Victoria, BC. We all enjoyed the time together. And soon after, Trev and I started talking of a “hands across the ocean” project. He would choose the dances, mostly his own, and The Dancehall Players would record the tunes.

The result of this collaborative venture is in your hands! Some of the melodies are familiar to us; some new. We are pleased to share all of them - beautiful waltzes, lively reels and a jaunty jig - with our music and dance friends in many countries. We invite you to join us again, listening and dancing to Unexpected Dances!

The Dancehall Players:

  • Gregory Brown: flute, guitar
  • Aaron Ellingsen: mandolin, violin
  • Susan Larkin: recorders, violin, vocals
  • Ann Schau: piano
  • Barrie Webster: banjo, cello
  • Lael Whitehead: guitar, percussion, recorders, melodica, vocal

Track Listing

  1. The Star of Kintra 02:23
  2. The Bold Robber 03:09
  3. Colin's BMX 03:56
  4. Promise Kept 03:14
  5. An Opportunity Lost 04:07
  6. Hide and Seek 02:26
  7. Valley of the Moonlight 05:11
  8. The Whistling Paperboy 02:37
  9. Meillionen 02:40
  10. Lover's Luck 06:42
  11. Abbey Reflection 02:19
  12. Catherine's Other Quilt 05:17
  13. Rich Delights 04:40
  14. Parson Upon Dorothy 03:23
  15. The Unexpected Waltz 03:13
  16. Gambols 03:36
  17. Trip to Provence 05:55

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