The Dancehall Players -  Fresh from Dan's Hall (CD)

The Dancehall Players -  Fresh from Dan's Hall


  • N°: 18406961905a
  • EAN: CD 2016
€ 17,50 (VAT incl.)

The third offering from the Dancehall Players is a CD of original tunes by members of the group. The tunes range from jigs and reels, to waltzes and airs, and are performed on piano, violin, flute, recorders, guitar, mandolin, cuatro, cello, banjo, voice, and percussion — music to stir your heart and get your toes tapping. The Dancehall Players are Gregory Brown, Susan larkin, Keith Malcolm, Karen McIvor, Dan Page, Ann Schau and Lael Whitehead


  1. Rushin' For the Ferry
  2. Sweet Sounds of Evening
  3. Apple Butter Pot
  4. Bright Shining Sea/Rosemary's Off to Prince George Town
  5. Fair Winds and Following Seas
  6. Two Slow Airs
  7. Faeries and Fools
  8. Midsummer Night Waltz
  9. Recollections
  10. Ian's Rambles/Adam is Here
  11. Tendresse
  12. Waltz for Richard
  13. Trip to Mayne/Oscar the Flying Poodle
  14. Phyllis
  15. Little Plaid Riding Hood
  16. For Musical Friends

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