Mary Lea, Kate Barnes, and Karen Axelrod - Mr. Roodman's Fancies (CD)


  • N°: 621099455c235d
  • EAN: RD 06
€ 20,00 (VAT incl.)

Mr Roodman's Fancies is a CD featuring music for a mix of Gary Roodman's recently published dances, a few that were published years ago, and a few that are not yet formally published. Artists include: Mary Lea, Kate Barnes, and Karen Axelrod with special guests Rachel Bell, lydia ievins, Chris Rua, and Garrett Sawyer.


  1. California Sunshine
  2. Double Jubilee
  3. Father's Day
  4. Lichfield's Ruby Surprise
  5. Trip to Stonington
  6. Land of Mist and Wonder
  7. Johnson City Circle
  8. Mr. Roodman's Fancy
  9. Fret and Rejoice
  10. Capital Lads
  11. Bell Tower Bouree
  12. Memorial Day
  13. The Cressons
  14. Three's Company
  15. Mr. Handel's Gigue
  16. Belle of Greensboro

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