Liz Donaldson, Colleen Reed, Becky Ross - English Echoes (CD)

Liz Donaldson, Colleen Reed, Becky Ross - English Echoes


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  • EAN: LD 01
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Becky Ross, Liz Donaldson, and Colleen Reed play regularly as part of a vibrant and talented community of musicians at the weekly English Country Dance sponsored by the Folklore Society of Greater Washington in Glen Echo, MD. They have found an easy chemistry as a trio, weaving together sweet harmonies and melodies with lively rhythmic punctuation. rnEnglish Echoes represents a selection of our favorite tunes offering a variety of meters (jigs, reels, waltzes, 3/2 time) and moods, from elegant and smooth to bouncy and lively. We ordered the selections as a dance program representing a variety of styles and dance formations. We hope you will also enjoy this recording for general listening.


  1.  Take A Dance
  2. Mr. Isaac's Maggot
  3. Honeysuckle Cottage
  4. Collier's Daughter
  5. Halsway Manners
  6. Peace Be With You
  7. Newcastle
  8. Newcastle Reprise
  9. The MollyAndrew
  10. Key to the Cellar
  11. Shrewsbury Lasses
  12. Alice
  13. Money in Both Pockets
  14. Well Hall

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