Ian Bascombe - The Official Handbook for the Clarke Tin Whistle

Music book - Paperback

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  • EAN: B 8436
€ 20,00 (VAT incl.)

The NEW Official Clarke Tutor Book and Double CD includes a 160 Page Tutor Book and 2 CD’s

Product Features

  • Includes a 160 Page Tutor Book, 2 CDs.
  • This tutor book is written by renowned Irish tin whistle teacher, Ian Bascombe. He also plays the tin whistle on the CDs.
  • The Tutor Book and CDs are compatible with all tin whistles and penny whistles in the key of D. The set is suitable for Beginners and Advanced

Product Specifications

  • There is also a Brief Guide to reading music and the story behind the tinwhistle.
  • Made in: United Kingdom

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