Luc Blancke / Susanne Boliger - Round Hits 3 (Dance book German/English)

Luc Blancke - Round Hits 3 (Dance book German/English)

Booklet German/English

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  • EAN: AADS 2305BKB
€ 9,00 (VAT incl.)

In 2002, the project 'ROUND HITS 1' appeared and in 2004 'ROUND HITS 2'. Both products contain popular Rounds.
After a longer break, we have published a third collection of round dances ' 'ROUND HITS 3'. The dances are all suitable for somewhat advanced groups and were selected in difficulty level III. The 15 Rounds can be found on the CD' Round Hits' 3, the descriptions are in the bundle of the same name.
 The booklet is in German and English. 

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