The Cast - The Winnowing (CD)

The Cast - The Winnowing


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Great Scots singing and fine musicianship are on display on this debut album from Mairi Campbell and Dave Francis collectively known as The Cast. The pair have a special interest in interpreting the work of Robert Burns and his 'Green Grow the Rashes' and 'Ye Banks and Braes' are nicely presented here. But there is no doubt that this version of the original musical setting of his stirring anthem 'Auld Lang Syne' will linger longest in the mind. Mairi Campbell –voice, viola, fiddle. Dave Francis-guitar, voice. Brian Shiels- double bass.


  1. Auld Lang Syne
  2. The Scots Callan O' Bonnie Dundee
  3. Archie Campbell / Marjorie Campbell / Miss Lyall's Strathspey / Miss Lyall's Reel / The St Kilda Wedding
  4. The Step - Dancing Song
  5. The Flowers o' the Forest
  6. Green Grow the Rashes
  7. The Bright Fields of England / Crossing to Ireland
  8. Kilkelly
  9. Ye Banks and Braes
  10. The Royal Visit.