Slán - South West (CD)


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Slán is a folkgroup from Holland and was founded in 2004. The band performs with five enthusiastic musicians with very different ages. Although the repertoire mainly consists of Irish tunes, they also like to play Scottish/ Northumbrian and Breton music. Slán tries to combine existing or self written music into an original mixture of Celtic music! Apart from the traditional instruments such as tin whistles and bagpipes they use an electronic drumkit, keyboard and electric violin. Slán has a varied setlist with "sensitive songs" and "sparkling instrumentals" so that they feel either at home on stage or in the pub. In 2008 Slán performed at various folkfestivals in Holland. Their first CD is called “South West” and will take you on a trip to far away mystic Celtic landscapes.


  1. Ready for the Storm 
  2. Trip to Jerusalem/ The Mason's Apron
  3. Si Beag Si Mor/ Sonny's Mazurka
  4. The Rakes of Mallow/ Bally Desmond Polka's/ The Drunken Sailor
  5. Will ye go to Flanders?
  6. Back Home in Derry
  7. Merrily kissed the Quaker's Wife/ The Irish Washer Woman
  8. The Bigg Market Lasses/ The Dunmore Lassies
  9. The Stack of Barley/ Cronin's Hornpipe/ Off to California
  10. The Dark Island
  11. Daughters of Megan/ Sir John Fenwick's The Flower Among Them All
  12. Caledonia/ Inisheer
  13. South West