Various - Third Grand Concert of Piping (CD)

Various - Third Grand Concert of Piping


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  • EAN: CDTRAX 260
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The third album in this series of top class piping, recorded live at Lowland and Borders Pipers' Society concerts. An interesting mix of types of bagpipe, traditions and piping styles, through the expertise of Anne Marie Summers, Stephen Tyler, Finlay MacDonald, Fraser Fifield, Rory Campbell, Malcolm Stitt, Xuan Muniz and Simon Bradley.


  1. Finlay Macdonald & Fraser Fifield: Leaving Delhi / The Killoch Glen / Roddy McAuley's Reel
  2. Finlay MacDonald & Fraser Fifield: Psalm
  3. Finlay MacDonald & Fraser Fifield: Glen Kabul / Miss Gillian Frame / Caber Feidh
  4. Anne Marie Summers & Stephen Tyler: Trotto
  5. Anne Marie Summers & Stephen Tyler: Imperayritz / Los Set Goytx
  6. Anne Marie Summers & Stephen Tyler: Salterello
  7. Xuan Muñiz & Simon Bradley: Belmonte de Miranda / Xota Raiceu
  8. Xuan Muñiz & Simon Bradley: Xiga de Mudreiros / Muneira Casu / Villaneieu Pixuetu
  9. Xuan Muñiz & Simon Bradley: Antón el Nenu
  10. Rory Campbell & Malcolm Stitt: Chalet Fever
  11. Rory Campbell: Seamus MacNeill / The Country Girl / The Hungarian Fiddler
  12. Rory Campbell: The Pit / Paper Year / Cheese, Bread and Ham
  13. Rory Campbell: The Grappa Groove / Caitha's Jig / The Straits of Corfu / The Night We Had The Goats / Nighan Caillach nan Cearc