Tommy Couper - The Piper's Muse (CD)

Tommy Couper - The Piper's Muse


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Tommy Couper (Highland and Border pipes) with Ross Kennedy (guitar, bouzouki), Steve Lawrence (percussion), Angus Lyons (keyboards), Andy Nicol (flute, whistle) and Gavin Pennycook (fiddle).


  1. igs: Rachel and Rosslyns Jig / Hector's Jig / James MacLellans Favourite
  2. JIgs: Dug Eating Beetroot / Alesios / Hooch Drinkers Jig
  3. Jigs, Pipe and Flute Duet: Cosla Bay / The Merry Harries
  4. Air and Jigs: Urnaigh A'Bhan Thigreach / Easterhouse Pipers / The Elbow Knock
  5. Reels: The Sheepwife / Caber Feidh / Traditional Reel
  6. Polka: The Pipers Muse / Chase the Riever / Flee the Glen / Men in Hodden Grey
  7. Reels: Cockerel in the Creel / Think of a Name for Friday - Air: The Jewel of Scotland
  8. /8 and 2/8 Jigs: Huish the Cat / The Little House Under the Hill
  9. Airs: Cael e'sin Don ti' Sin / Uist Bridal March
  10. Reels: Thailer a Bha mi Sherridh is Freader a Thuair mi / Irish Reel / In and Out the Harbour / Pitnacree Ferryman / The Holland Wedding
  11. Air, March and Jig: The Falls of Dochart / The Dusty Miller
  12. Jigs: Tommy's Jig / The Panda / The Hag at the Churn