Iain Morrison & Iain Morrison Jr.- Back To Back (CD)

Iain Morrison & Iain Morrison Jr.- Back To Back


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The first release from P/M IAIN MORRISON & IAIN MORRISON Jnr., the father and son pipers who are world class championship winners at every level. Donald Shaw is involved on keyboard accompaniment on a couple of TRACKS. It is a crime against piping history that it has taken this long for a recording of the great Iain Morrison to appear...is one of the most important pipers of the last 30 years...his playing is still terrific. Young Iain plays with the same style and panache and will no doubt take his pedigree and inate talent to the same heights as his father.


  1. 6/8 Marches: Lt.Col.Sir Peter Redwood - Bengullion
  2. Jigs: Lark in the Morning - The Hen's March the Boys of Ballymote - Walking the Floor
  3. March, Strathespey & Reel : Edinburgh City Police Pipe Band - Lady Loudon - Lt.Col. D.J.S. Murray
  4. Slow Air: Tricia's Song
  5. Strathespeys & Reels : Crann Tara - Stac Polly - John Morrison of Assynt House - Dr. MacPhail's reel
  6. 6. Piobaireachd: Scarce of Fishing
  7. 6/8/Marches: P/Sgt John Barclay - Teinside Cottage
  8. March, Strathespey & Reel : Mrs Duncan MacFadyen - Sandy MacPherson - Traditional Reel
  9. Hornpipe & Jig: Dr.Macinnes' Fancy - Troy's Wedding
  10. 2/4 Marches: P/M Bob Brown's Farewell to the Ballochbuie - Dugald MacColl's Farewell to France
  11. Slow Air & Jig: Samantha's lullaby - Hammer on the anvil
  12. March, Strathespey & Reel: Hills of Kintail - Bob of Fettercairn - Cockerel in the Creel Hornpipe & Jig: Jack Aloft - The Rakes of Kildare
  13. Slow Air: Leaving Ireland