Alen Tully, Callum Beaumont, Andrew Carlisle - The Young Ones (CD)

Alen Tully, Callum Beaumont, Andrew Carlisle - The Young One

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  1. Alen Tully: Alen Tully is a piper with the St. Laurence O'Toole Pipe Band from Dublin. He is the son of the well known O'Toole's Pipe Major Terry Tully. He began his piping career at the age of 7 years old and at the age of 21, he has become the youngest player ever in Ireland and only the second ever to win the Junior, Intermediate and Senior all Ireland Championship titles back to back. In 2004, his first year in Senior he won the Ulster and All Ireland Championship. He has also been appointed Pipe Sergeant of the band for the forthcoming 2005 season
  2. Andrew Carlisle: Andrew, from Ballygown Northern Ireland is 18 years old and graduated through Broomhedge and Ravara Pipe Bands to the present World Champions the Field Marshall Montgomery. He has won many top prizes in the solo field viz, Ulster and All Ireland titles for M/S/R and Piobaireachd. Champion of Champion titles plus scholarships to USA summer schools also feature in his impressive C.V. His tutors, Sam Connolly, Fred Russell, Andrew Wright and Richard Parkes can all share in the credit of guiding Andrew to his current achievements.
  3. Callum Beaumont: Sixteen year old Callum began playing when he was seven under the tuition of Bert Smith. At the age of ten he began receiving Piobaireachd tuition from Tom Speirs and still does. Last year he started going to Willie McCallum to improve his light music. When he was eleven he joined Lothian and Borders Police Pipe Band and played there for three seasons. This is his second season at The House of Edgar - Shotts and Dykehead Pipe Band where he won his first major Championship in Turriff. Over the past three years he has won the under seventeen Scottish Championships twice and the Champion of Champions once at Carnoustie. The two biggest wins to date are the Mcgregor Memorial at the Argyllshire Gathering and overall winner of the B & C Grade Piobaireachd competitions run by the C.P.A. He also has a long list of Juvenile prizes including Cowal Gold Medals. The young ones, feature three of the brightest young and up coming pipers from Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. In Callum Beaumont, Andrew Carlisle and Alen Tully we are treated to a high standard of music and tonal quality in this excellent recording. All three provide a wide variety of entertaining tunes which I am sure will be a winner with 'piping pundits' world-wide. P/M Malcolm M Mackenzie


  1.  Alen Tully. 2/4 Marches. Alan Dodds Farewell to Scotland/Verna Leiths Wedding March  A
  2. Andrew Carlisle. Hornpipes & Jigs. Raigmore/Donald MacLean/Jig of Slurs/Donald Cameron?s Powder Horn/Donella Beaton
  3. Callum Beaumont. March, Strathspey & Reel. The Crags of Stirling/McBeth's Strathspey/ D.J.S. Murray
  4. Andrew Carlisle. Strathspey & Reels. The Pipers Bonnet/The Cameronian Rant/Charlie's Welcome/John Morrison of Assynt House
  5. Alen Tully. Slow Air & Jigs. Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore/The Swallow Trail/The Gravel Walk/Sergeant Murphy
  6. Callum Beaumont. Piobaireachd. Corrinessans Salute
  7. Alen Tully. Jigs. The Millstead/The Judges Dilemma/Glasgow City Police Pipers
  8. Andrew Carlisle. Hornpipes. Jim Tweedie's Sea Legs/Colin MacKay
  9. Allen Tully. Strathspeys & Reels. McBeth's Strathspey/Dora MacLeod/The Smith of Chilliechassie/ Broadford Bay Callum Beaumont. Jigs.
  10. Donald Cameron's Powder Horn/Troy's Wedding
  11. Andrew Carlisle. 2/4 Marches. Major Manson's Farewell to Clachantrushal/John MacDonald of Glencoe
  12. Alen Tully. Hornpipe & Jigs. Charlie Lennons/Kitty Magee/The Driver