Bandspec REEDFiX Tool


  • N°: 213662324616
  • EAN: H-ABS04
€ 29,00 (VAT incl.)

The BANDSPEC REEDFiX Tool will help you to revive your old or worn-out bagpipe chanter reeds. It will also help to tweak any pipe chanter reed that might be too weak or that sounds squeaky. It's simple to use and will save you money!

The REEDFiX comes in a protective plastic tube for safe storage of the tool. Price does not include a chanter reed.

How to use:

A bagpipe chanter reed has a thin brass or copper tube running through the middle. The end of the tube is compressed. Simply poke the bagpipe chanter reed with the REEDFiX.

You can do this by gently pushing the REEDFiX into the brass or copper tube until it goes no further (until you feel some resistance).

Now apply some additional pressure and push the REEDFiX into the compressed end of the tube to expand the tube by a small margin.

This will strengthen the sound of the pipe chanter reed and in most cases solve any issues you may have with the reed being too easy, squeaky or too sharp.