Quaich 3 inch Irish Harp

Quaich 3 inch Irish Harp

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The Quaich is the traditional Gaelic cup of friendship, used for sharing a dram. An Irish Harp surrounded in a traditional Claddagh motif. The harp was a pan-Gaelic and Brythonic symbol, familiar in Ireland, Highland Scotland, Wales and Brittany, In Gaelic Scotland and Ireland, the-wire stringed instrument was the courtly instrument favoured by chiefs, before the popularisation of the bagpipes in the middle ages.

The quaich is manufactured from the finest quality lead-free Pewter, with a plated insert around an Irish harp crest.

Can be engraved with your own personalised message. Please email your personal message to AADS.vzw . Allow up to 14  working days for delivery and up to 14-21 working days if the product is to be engraved. (+ 13 €)

Measures 8-8.5cm diameter, 13.5cm width and 5cm tall.