Shepherd Pipe Reeds

Shepherd Pipe Reeds

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  • EAN: RDSH 01
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R.T. Shepherd & Sons production methods and strict quality control at each stage of manufacture (10 stages in total) ensure that the length of the Shepherd reed remains constant in relation to its other variables.

The end result - a unique reed produced and finished by a combination of dedicated craftsmen and advanced machinery techniques and providing greater efficiency, easy adjustment for weaker blowers and easy adjustment to raise pitch.

This consistency makes it easier to manipulate the reed for the required strength and still maintained its desired consistency of pitch and vibrancy. The characteristic of the pipe reed as well as being dependant on the rigidity of the cane being used also depends on the control of the following ratios in the construction and design

  • Length/Curvature
  • Thickness/Length
  • Staple production consistency All Shepherd reeds are designed to deliver a pitch combination of 472Hz - 475Hz and above depending on climatic conditions

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  • 16x      Easy
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