Sheepskin Bag - Beggs

Sheepskin Bag - Beggs

  • N°: 57469ebe358592
  • EAN: M 5A
  • Category: Pipe Bags
  • Availability: In stock
  • Available sizes: Medium, ExtendedAG, Large, Small, Standard, Small, Standard, Medium, Large
€ 272,00 (VAT incl.)

Each bag is hand made and stitched. Attention to detail and care are taken with each bag setting us apart from our mass produced counterparts.

They will give a superior tone by keeping the moisture in the bag constant and under control; it will feel more comfortable-as it will fit like a tailored suit and once under the arm will stay there.


  • Sizes: 
    Small (28"x10" or 71cm x 25.4cm)
    Standard (29"x10,5" 73,5cm x 26,7cm )
    Medium (29"x11,25" or 73,5cm x 28,6cm)
    Large (30"x12" or 76cm x 30,5cm)
  • Neck Type:
    Straight Neck
    Swan Neck
  • Left or Right Shoulder:
  • LeftHoles Cut/Not Cut
    Holes Cut
    Holes not Cut

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