Bannatyne Synthetic Zipper Pipe Bag

Bannatyne Synthetic Zipper Pipe Bag

  • N°: 5750f2b21cd966
  • EAN: M 44A
  • Category: Pipe Bags
  • Availability: In stock
  • Available sizes: ExtendedAG, Small, Medium, Large
€ 128,01 (VAT incl.)

Synthetic zipper pipe bag without the weight of the hide. The zipper is located on the bottom of pipe bag providing a more direct access to drone stocks giving easier fitting of moisture control systems.


  • Sizes:
    Small (228mmm x 610mm)
    AG Extended (241mm x 675mm)
    Medium (267mm x 675mm)
    Large (292mm x 735 mm)
  • Left Handed Pipe Bags: All bags are right handed (played under the left arm) as standard.

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