Various - Putumayo Kids Presents: Hawaiian Playground

Putumayo Kids Presents: Hawaiian Playground


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  • EAN: PL274-SL
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Hawaiian Playground is a lively collection that explores the playful side of Hawaiian music. With selections featuring the sounds of ukuleles, steel guitars and harmonious vocals, this album is as colorful as the islands which inspired it.

The Hawaiian people have inhabited the islands for centuries and their traditional Polynesian heritage still plays a key role in their music making today. Energetic performances and exploration with unique instruments first helped the music gain attention in the United States. Now, with an increased variety of distinctive styles, the music of these islands has become recognized and appreciated all over the world.


  1. Right On
  2. Holoholo ka'a
  3. Moloka'i Slide
  4. The Cockeyed Mayor Of Kaunakakai
  5. Pule o'o
  6. Come To Hawaii
  7. Po la'ila'i
  8. Pi'i mai ka nalu
  9. Local To The Max 
  10. Toad Song