Barbara Fairchild - Classic Country (CD)

Barbara Fairchild - Classic Country


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Among female hitmakers of '70s country, Barbara Fairchild may not be remembered as fondly as Dolly Parton or Tanya Tucker, but this highly enjoyable anthology shows that the quality of her music certainly is not to blame. In fact, fans of those two artists would likely appreciate Fairchild's recordings. In addition to her 1973 number one hit "Teddy Bear," Classic Country collects all of Fairchild's Top 40 chart entries, which range from straight-ahead country to a few countrified covers of pop hits. Feminists may be put off by the number of songs describing worshipful submission to men, but such concerns shouldn't diminish the enjoyment to be had from this disc.



  1. Teddy Bear Song
  2. Baby Doll
  3. Color My World
  4. Love's Old Song
  5. (Loving You Is) Sunshine
  6. Little Girl Feeling
  7. Let Me Love You Once Before You Go
  8. Mississippi
  9. Kid Stuff
  10. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
  11. Cheatin' Is
  12. Standing in Your Line
  13. Gill Who'll Satisfy Her Man
  14. Thanks for the Mem'ries.