The Kings And Queens Of England - Modern Monarchy - 1837 To The Present (DVD)


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We begin our look at the Modern Monarchy with the longest ruling royal in British history; Queen Victoria. From her accession to the throne in 1837 to her death in 1901 Victoria was to reign for 64 years. In contrast, Edward VII her successor, was to be king for only 10 years; a reign that led up to the current House of Windsor. The first of the Windsor's; George V, despite being a German prince was to be monarch throughout the First World War and up to his eventual death in 1936 at the age of 70. 1936 was to see his son and successor Edward VIII abdicated as a result of his love for divorcee Wallace Simpson, in his place his brother Albert was crowned George VI. Albert was the first royal to marry a commoner since Henry VIII, she was later to be known to us as the ever popular; Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. In 1952 her daughter Elizabeth II was crowned Queen and she still remains to this day. Although the days of the British Empire are long gone and Britain can no longer be referred to as "Great", here you have an informative record of a period which experienced huge political and social reform and one which took us through two World Wars. In addition to the expert analysis and presentation by Alan Ereira, this programme is complimented with atmospheric re-enactments throughout.

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