Bert Cleaver - Fieldtown Dances & Jigs (Music Book)

Bert Cleaver - Fieldtown Dances & Jigs

Music Book

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Fieldtown: Dearest Dicky, Old Molly Oxford, Balance the Straw, Trunkles, Princess Royal, Shepherd's Hey (Signpost), The Rose, Walk of the Twopenny Postman Adderbury: Lads a Bunchum, Shepherd's Hey, Rory O'More, The Buffoon, Constant Billy, Blue Bells of Scotland

Badby: Beaux of London City (shooting) Bampton: Step & fetch her, Flowers. Nonesuch Morris is a Bristol-based Cotswold morris team that performs dances in the styles of Raglan, Bucknell, and Sherborne.

Our repertoire includes dances for two, three, four, five and six dancers which we aim to perform to a high standard while providing an entertaining show for any audience that displays Cotswold morris at its best.