The Tony Gilbert Sound - Putting Your Best Foot Forward (CD)


  • N°: 58874680c90560
  • EAN: CDTS 208
€ 5,00 (VAT incl.)
ISO € 18,00

All Tracks In Sequence


  1. Always Dreaming Of You blues 
  2. Manhattan Dawn blues
  3. Butterfly Cha Cha cha cha
  4. The Ghost Walks cha cha
  5. Slow Train Blues jive 
  6. Blackpool Rock jive 
  7. Santorini Blue rumba
  8. The Dancer rumba 
  9. It's Great To Be With You Again quickstep
  10. Putting Your Best Foot Forward quickstep 
  11. New York Calling foxtrot
  12. The Invitation foxtrot 
  13. Haunted Ballroom waltz 
  14. Knowing That You Care waltz 
  15. Ladies Of Madrid tango 
  16. Tango Royale tango
  17. Turkish Delight swing 
  18. The Karaoke Song (With Vocals) swing 
  19. Just A Little Samba samba 
  20. Punta Langosta samba 
  21. Anyone Can Learn How To Dance new vogue waltz 
  22. St Petersburg Waltz new vogue waltz 
  23. Silver Stiletto aregentine stroll