Bryan Smith - Blue Islands (CD)

Bryan Smith - Blue Islands


  • N°: 2057a0e7e2f729
  • EAN: DACD 016
€ 5,00 (VAT incl.)
ISO € 19,00

Duration: 67.37. Year: 1994. A compilation of some of Bryan\'s best and most successful recordings from the Dansan years. All tracks suitable for sequence dancing.


  1. quickstep Jealous Heart
  2. quickstep Oh Lonesome Me
  3. cha cha Don't Stay Away Too Long
  4. cha cha Nina Pretty Ballerina
  5. tango Majanah
  6. ango Arrivederci Roma
  7. waltz Neath Hawaiian Skies
  8. waltz We Clowns
  9. foxtrot Who's Sorry Now
  10. foxtrot My Foolish Heart
  11. rumba Games That Lovers Play
  12. rumba I Talk To The Trees
  13. saunter Drifting And Dreaming
  14. saunter Blue Island
  15. waltz Paradise
  16. waltz Yours Forever And A Day
  17. quickstep Pagan Love Song
  18. quickstep Coming Home