Bryan Smith and his Orchestra - The Very Best Of (CD)

Bryan Smith and his Orchestra - The Very Best Of

Bryan SCD

  • N°: 20536cf8b3b659
  • EAN: CDTS 016
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A compilation of some of Bryan's best recordings from the 1980's, exclusive to Maestro Records and previously unavailable on CD Old Time & Sequence


  1. o/t waltz The Jolly Brothers
  2. o/t waltz Smiles Then Kisses
  3. tango Dorita
  4. tango Tango Party
  5. gavotte Mayflower Gavotte
  6. gavotte Snowdrops Gavotte
  7. two step Mosquitos Parade
  8. .two step Yip-l-Addy-l-Ay
  9. saunter Street Of City Lights
  10. saunter I'll Never Stand In Your Way
  11. tango In Einer Kleinan Konditorei
  12. tango A Night In Monte Carlo
  13. gavotte Puff The Magic Dragon
  14. quickstep Look At That Girl
  15. quickstep This Ole House
  16. waltz If
  17. waltz The Whistling Waltz
  18. foxtrot Someone To Watch Over Me
  19. foxtrot As Time Goes By
  20. rumba Return To Me
  21. rumba Und Ich Warte Auf Ein Zeichen
  22. cha cha Singin' In The Rain / Blue Moon
  23. cha cha Side By Side / On The Sunny Side Of The Street
  24. tango Blue Tango 25.tango Golden Earrings