Band of the Blues & Royals - Music of London (CD)

Band of the Blues & Royals - Music of London


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  • EAN: HM 700372
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Come with the Band of the Blues and Royals as they take us on a musical tour of London Town. We shall visit the great parks, shopping streets and wide avenues of the West End and then along the Thames to friendly little pubs with their rich tradition of Cockney songs.


  1. Knightsbridge March 4:26
  2. Tower Of London Traitor’s Gate 0:47
  3. Royal Ceremony 1:50
  4. Hyde Park 2:58
  5. Oxford Street March 0:47
  6. Mayfair Waltz 5:26
  7. Birdcage Walk 2:57
  8. The Westminster Waltz 2:42
  9. Langham Place Elegy 1:24
  10. London Bridge Is Falling Down; Have You Seen The Muffin Man; London’s Burning; The Bells Of London; London Pride 3:48
  11. Fanfare St Mary’s 11:04
  12. Down The Mall 2:58
  13. Street Pictures: Streets Of London; Let’s All Go Down The Strand; Piccadilly; A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square; Oxford Street; Round The Marble Arch 11:14