Scarlatti Melodica, 32 keys

Scarlatti Melodica, 32 keys

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€ 33,00 (VAT incl.)

A great value student Melodica complete with blow pipes. This melodica has 32 Piano Keys, and is played by blowing either through the pipe, or directly into the mouthpiece attachment, and playing the keys like a piano or keyboard. When you blow, you are pushing air through the reeds you open by pressing the keys, and this is what makes the sound! It's great fun, and so easy that anyone can do it! The 32 Chromatic Keys span F to C, and the keyboard layout is just like a piano. To top it all off, this great instrument also comes with its own carrying case, which has an adjustable strap.

Product Features

  • Two blow pipe lengths for varied playing positions
  • Zip up semi rigid case
  • Versatile and intuitive instrument

Product Specifications

  • Plastic body & piano keys.
  • With blow pipe.
  • F below middle C spanning two octaves