Jean-Christian MICHEL - Ouverture Spatiale (LP)

Jean-Christian MICHEL - Ouverture Spatiale


  • N°: 241726582411
  • EAN: D 11
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One of Kenny CLARKE's best recordings with Jean-Christian MICHEL. Jean-Christian Michel's music overturns classical conventions and reveals mysterious depths to the imagination. From the outset, Jean-Christian knows how to establish an 'atmosphere' that touches the heart and never lets go. The impact of his music comes from a simple, straightforward melodic line, underpinned by solid, sophisticated harmonies. 



  1. Ouverture Spatiale
  2. L'Irradiation d'Or
  3. Carillon


  1. Noël
  2. Choral de La Keyrié
  3. Fantaisie en si bemol
  4. Aria du Graal.