Ring O'Bells - Irish Ceili Dance Party (CD)

Irish Ceili Dance Party (CD)


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The Irish love of dancing is well known (i.e. River Dance) but most of their dances are too complicated for beginners.

They call their country dances 'Set Dances' and are danced mainly in squares and in two couples facing two couples formations (Seige of Ennis).

Apart from 'The Wave of Tory' and 'The Bridge of Athlone' most barn dance and country dance callers just use their toe-tapping tunes to lighten up their own choice of dances.


  1. The Snowball
  2. Holmfirth
  3. English Gay Gordons
  4. Star Trek
  5. The Irish Swing
  6. Granny’s Knot
  7. The Rose Tree
  8. Strip the Willow
  9. Moles Circle Dance
  10. Sunset Strip
  11. Dud’s Reel
  12. St George’s Day Jig
  13. Cawsand Reel
  14. 14 O’Sullivans Waltz
  15. B & C AGM
  16. Rebecca’s Roundabout
  17. The Dipper
  18. Keeping up with the Joneses
  19. I’m a Rover Song I’m a Rover
  20. American Land

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