The Monks of Mount Melleray Abbey - The Way of Silence (DVD)


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Behind the scenes in Melleray, Ireland’s oldest Cistercian Abbey. Mount Melleray Ireland in County Waterford stands at the foot of the Knockmealdown Mountains in exceptionally beautiful countryside.

Founded in 1832, Melleray is the first Cistercian monastery founded in Ireland since the Reformation and is now one of the larger abbeys of the Cistercian Order. This behind the scenes look at the life of the living community will introduce you to the history and the life of the monks. You will see the various activities of the monk's day from the prayer of Vigils at 4a.m. to the Compline at 8 p.m. The Cistercian life is one of prayer, reading/study and work. Designed to be self-sufficient, Melleray has a farm, a laundry, tailor's shop, library and bookbinding workshop and other departments.