Various - Celtic Love Songs (CD)

Various - Celtic Love Songs

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  • EAN: CELT 9008
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Featuring music of the heart from artists Andy M. Stewart, Trà­ona Nà­ Dhomhnaill, The Tannahill Weavers and many others. The disc also includes the love inspired classics: The Flower of Magherally performed by Altan, The Lakes of Pontchartrain sung by Mary Dillon of Déanta and The Galway Rover from Cathie Ryan of Cherish the Ladies, just to name a few!


  1. The Galway Rover
  2. The Flower of Magherally
  3. Lover's Heart
  4. Gathering Pace
  5. I Once Knew a Little Girl
  6. The Lakes of Pontchartrain
  7. Bonny Blue-Eyed Nancy
  8. When She Sleeps
  9. Carrigdhoun
  10. A Night Visitor's Song
  11. Tà Mo Chleamhnas A Dhéanamh
  12. Take Her In Your Arms