David Munnelly - Swing (CD)


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  • EAN: MWCD 1951c
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Irish button accordion wizard David Munnelly brings new excitement and depth to traditional music while drawing on past masters including the Roaring 20's Flanagan Brothers for inspiration. With their unique West Mayo style of playing - a wilder, freer style of performing Irish traditional music, evocative of the rugged, natural beauty of Ireland's famously beautiful West coast, David Munnelly & his band are making waves on both sides of the Atlantic. David personally has toured & performed with the Chieftains, De Dannan and numerous legendary Irish artists. David also composed & recorded the original soundtrack for a TG4 documentary "Solas sa nDorchadasm" for which he was received the 2003 Composer of the Year Award.


  1. The American Polka
  2. Charlotte's Reel
  3. The Two Bridgie's Barndances
  4. An Carraigin
  5. Phil Henry's / The Next Parish
  6. Reel de Rimouski
  7. Singing Land
  8. The Star Above the Garter Set
  9. Lively Leah
  10. Jock Cawleys Jigs
  11. Between The Tides
  12. The Taproom
  13. Set bonus video: Flatbush Waltz / Killarney Boys of Pleasure