Beoga ‎– Mischief (CD)

Beoga ‎– Mischief


  • N°: 181833637027
  • EAN: BMCD 002
€ 5,00 (VAT incl.)
ISO € 16,99

For those who are looking for traditional music, but there is much that is interesting, much that is entertaining and much that is musical. Depending largely on their own inventions for material, Beoga have put together an original and provocative sound, heavy on percussion and accordion, that certainly deserves a listen. Don?t damn it until you?ve heard it, because you just might be surprised.


  1. Mischief
  2. Kick'n The Box
  3. Factory Girl
  4. Jazzy Wilbur
  5. Ryan's Air
  6. Dirty Work
  7. Trolleyed
  8. A delicate thing
  9. Mickey The Pipes
  10. Please Don't Talk (About Me When I'm Gone)
  11. Cu Chullain's Despair
  12. Another journey