David Power - My Love is in America (CD)

David Power - My Love is in America


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Uilleann pipes. Originally from Waterford and now living in New Jersey, David Power is a talented piper who learned from Tommy Kearney and whose playing, his regulator work in particular, shows the influence of Leo Rowsome. On this debut solo CD, which he recorded in one day, Power gives a brilliant demonstration of the technical skills and musical sense which have already earned him a solid reputation. Performing on a Froment C set designed after Seamus Ennis' Coyne set, he performs a great selection of piping classics, not the least of which is "The Fox Chase," of which Power's memorable rendition is perhaps the centerpiece of this inspired album, while his playing of the air "Annaghdown' in F minor is another notable moment.


  1. Reels: The Salamanca / The Steam Packet
  2. Hornpipe & Set Dance: The Standing Abbey / Madame Bonaparte
  3. Jigs: The Galbally Farmer / Saddle the Pony
  4. Reels: Jenny Picking Cockles / My Love is in America
  5. Air: Amàrach là 'le Pàdraig (St. Patrick's Day is Tomorrow)
  6. Jigs: The Boys of the Town / The Bride's Favourite
  7. The Fox Chase
  8. Hornpipe & Barndance: Bantry Bay / The Stack of Barley (An Staicà­n Eorna)
  9. Reels: Castle Kelly / The Green Fields of Rossbeigh / The Green Mountain
  10. Air: Eanach Dhúin (Annaghdown)
  11. Jigs: The Frost is All Over / Paddy's Return
  12. Air: Mnà Bhaile Loch a' Riach (The Women of Loughrea)
  13. Jigs: Cailleach an Airgid (The Hag with the Money) / Garret Barry's Jig
  14. Air & Hornpipe: The Bonny Bunch of Roses / The Sally Gardens
  15. Reels: The Bucks of Oranmore / George White's Favourite