Julianne Baird - Music in the Life of Benjamin Franklin (Music book)

Julianne Baird - Music in the Life of Benjamin Franklin

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The songs and instrumental pieces in this CD and book are those Benjamin Franklin knew and enjoyed during his long and eventful life. Franklin’s musical experiences were extremely varied and comprehensive for his day. Always an advocate for the common folk, Franklin delighted in sentimental Scots songs and broadside ballads. He authored comical texts to be sung as drinking songs. Yet as a diplomat and gentleman he was frequently at the Opera and at concerts in Philadelphia, Paris and London. He was familiar with works by George Frideric Handel, William Hayes, Francis Hopkinson, Anne-Louise Brillon, André Grétry, and Christoph Willibald Gluck. 


1. The Rising Sun - 2. The Old Man's Wish - 3. Dieu d'Amour, by Gretry - 4. Adagio K.V.356(K.V.617a), by Mozart - 5. Que l'Hisorie sur l'Airain - 6. Minuetto II, by Brillon - 7. J'ai perdu mon Euridice, by Gluck - 8. Fair Venus Calls - 9. The Anthem Sung at Chester - 10. Auld Robin Gray - 11. The Antediluvians Were All Very Sober - 12. The Free Mason/The Mason's Daughter - 13. The Stol'n Kiss - 14. The Mother Country - 15. The Downfal of Pyracy - 16. See, Down Maria's Blushing Cheek, by Hopkinson - 17. Hallow E'en - 18. The Spanish Lady - 19. Sae Merry as We Twa hae Been - 20. La Voltaire & La Franklein - 21. I Sing my Plain Country Joan - 22. Wise Men Flatt'ring, by Handel - 23. Ode on the Death of Franklin.

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