Dorothée Wortelboer - Celeste Giglio

Dance Book

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A manual with a wonderful selection of dances from the treatises by Fabritio Caroso, Cesare Negri and Thoinot Arbeau, worked out and annotated by Dorothée Wortelboer, with arrangements of the dance music by Dirkjan Horringa, together with a CD with this music, excellently played for dancing by the Lacrimae Ensemble. The book consists of an introduction, a chapter about 16th-century style of dance and movement, an extensive ‘Vocabulary’ explaining the steps and fifteen dances, worked out in direct relation to the music. The arrangements of the music can be used by two to five part ensembles of any combination of instruments. The book is also available in Dutch and German languages. Book English or dutch.


1. Einmarsch - Einzugsmarsch / 2. Galopp - Leichtes Blut / 3. Quadrille - Pantalon / 4. Quadrille - Ete / 5. Quadrille - Poule / 6. Quadrille - Finale / 7. Quadrille - Pastourelles / 8. Quickstep - Ja Das Schreiben Und Das Lesen - 9. Quickstep - Im Schonen Wienerwald / 10. Viennese Waltz - Wein, Weib Und Gesang / 11. Viennese Waltz - Schatzwalzer / 12. Viennese Waltz - Fruhlingsstimmen.

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