Charles Cyril Hendrickson and Frances C. Hendrickson - Minuets for Dancing (Dance Book)

Minuets for Dancing

Dance Book

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Minuets from colonial America

Each of the dances was interpreted and reconstructed using period sources. Several pages are devoted to the technique of 18th-century deportment, figures (or "geography") of the minuet, honors for both the woman and the man, the English minuet step, a complete bibliography of period sources, and there is a first-hand account of the terror induced by a gentleman's first performance of the minuet at a public ball. Chords are indicated on the music and the figures have been matched with each piece of music.


Corelli's Minuet, Countess of Eglington's Minuet, The Dutchess of Ancaster's Minuet, The Dutchess of Richmond's Minuet, Lady Cathcart's Minuet, A. Minuet, A Minuet by Captain Read, A Minuet by S. Philpot, A Minuet by Reverd. Mr. Bacon, Miss Webster's Minuet, and Mrs. Hedges, Her Minuet.